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  • 1.  Toll Lane Policy

    Posted 12-03-2019 12:56
    Hi Everyone,
    I wanted to see if anyone has any experience/suggestions for a policy regarding toll lane costs.  Charlotte has recently opened a couple of bypass lanes with a bill by mail system (or a pre-paid pass in the window).  When an employee in a company vehicle uses the lane, it is billed directly to the company.  Currently we are covering the costs for employees to use this lane, however, some employees who use personal vehicles and receive an allowance are now asking about the company paying for their toll passes.

    We are open to paying for these expenses for traveling to job sites, however, many people that drive company trucks are using the toll lanes for their commutes to and from home, which shouldn't be a company expense.  Also, if they use it on the weekend or to travel to the beach, there is no way for us to differentiate it.

    Although it doesn't seem like a lot of money, with 60+ company trucks it can add up very quickly.  Any suggestions for a fair policy regarding the use of express/toll lanes?

    Stefani Coley
    Siteworks, LLC
    Charlotte NC