Why Charlotte CFMA?


Vision - To be a fundamental resource for financial management of the construction industry within the Charlotte region.


Mission - To provide an atmosphere for financial and executive professionals in the construction industry to come together for education, social engagement and to support local charities.


Strategic Priorities


·         Provide the best, most relative monthly programs for Construction Financial Management in the Charlotte Region.

·         Clearly communicate all of the benefits of the National and Chapter Membership.

·         Provide Construction specific educational courses.

·         Encourage an atmosphere of member involvement to improve Chapter Relationships.

·         Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.



·         Empower Committee members to make a difference in the Chapter.

·         Value Committee member involvement

·         Nurture the relationships with members that seek growth in the organization



·         Companies will recognize membership as an essential investment for success.

·         Provide a wide range of financial management education to construction companies, including, accounting, tax, capital budgeting, technology, human resources, etc.

·         Seek to support the needs of Construction Companies within the Charlotte Region.


External Relations:

·         Become the leading resource for financial and accounting education in the construction industry for the Charlotte Region.

·         Expand awareness of the Charlotte Chapter of the CFMA.

·         Provide support to local charities and organizations serving our industry and area.


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