How do I set myself apart? Try becoming a CCIFP!


CCFIP stands for Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional and it is the ONLY finance and accounting certification for construction financial professionals.


I obtained the designation in 2012 while working on the assurance side of a regional accounting firm focusing on the construction industry.  Public accounting gave me the experience needed to understand financial accounting for construction contractors but I was lacked in regards to risk management, capital budgeting, taxation, strategic planning, and human resources. 


Much like becoming a CPA won’t classify you as an expert in the accounting field, becoming a CCIFP won’t classify you as an expert in the financial management of construction contractors.  The designation will give you the basic level of information needed to become a construction Financial Manager and it will help you find answers to future questions.  When I transitioned from public accounting to industry, the certification gave me confidence that I understood the basics of financial management of construction contractors and I could serve as the controller for a mid-sized construction contractor.  I believe obtaining the CCFIP designation has been very helpful in career path. 


I’m excited to announce the Board of the Charlotte CFMA is offering a $600 reimbursement benefit for members that have successfully completed the exam.  Further the Board is retroactively applying the benefit making it available to Charlotte members that have passed the exam after August 2017.   The Board is using the benefit to award members for their commitment to the CFMA and the Construction Industry. 


In order to qualify for the benefit a member must:

·         Successfully complete the exam after August 2017

·         Provide documentation to support exam expenses totaling at least $600.

·         Sign an agreement to continue their Charlotte Chapter CFMA membership for a minimum of three years and attend at least three Chapter events or program meetings annually.  Note:  At the Board’s discretion this agreement can be voided if the member has significant changes in employment.


So, what are you waiting for?  Begin your path to becoming a CCIFP today!


Brandon Spears

President 2019-2021