Charlotte CFMA Partners with Classroom Central


This past year has challenged all of us in unique ways, and the inequities we’ve seen grow in our community won’t disappear by just going “back to normal.” That’s why we’re partnering with Classroom Central to make sure all local students are equipped to succeed in school and overcome pandemic learning loss. Classroom Central serves more than 127,000 students and their teachers across 6 school districts in nearly 200 high-need schools. Their mission is to equip students to effectively learn by collecting and distributing free school supplies to their teachers.

Equipping all local students with all of the basic tools they need to succeed will require over 1,000,000 supplies. So we need everyone’s help! We will be hosting a school supply drive to benefit Classroom Central. Our goal is to collect $1000 in donations and supplies. Our supply drive will run June 15-August 31, 2021. The link below will take you to our CFMA Charlotte Team page  At the CFMA Charlotte team page, you can find the donation details as more about Classroom Central’s mission and efforts.  

Your support is more crucial this year to help students overcome pandemic learning loss. CMS reports that 32% of its students failed at least one course, and recent studies show some students have lost over a year of learning due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, 54% of CMS students live below the poverty line, which means 1 in every 2 students will be unequipped to catch up to their peers, let alone learn new lessons. But you can make all the difference for a student in need. Thank you for your support!